Re Graphs and text reports

Stephen King st.king42 at
Sun Dec 23 13:23:48 EST 2007


Sounds OK for text, does Quartam do graphs as well (couldn't find them
mentioned in the features)?


-You should consider upgrading while Rev has it's bundle promotion going:

-this bundle includes Quartam Reports for Rev , which should do what you


>I have been out of the Revolution loop for some time, but may rejoin with
>the latest bundle offer.
>The one area I felt rev really lacked was easy page formatting for printing
>and graph capability. Have any of these been improved since 2.6 (or will
>they in the upcoming 2.9).
>Being able to print single and multipage formatted outputs is important in
>most of what I do and in the past, I have not really found a good graph
>plugin to get over Revs lack of graph ability
>Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated

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