How to read the Rev license?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Thu Dec 20 09:38:13 EST 2007

APPENDIX A - Required Copyright Notice

You must include the following copyright notice where other such  
notices appear. In the event that such other notices do not appear in  
the Created Software, this notice must be placed in a reasonable  

Portions (c)2000-2006 Runtime Revolution Limited, All Rights Reserved  

We would like you to include the Runtime Revolution logo, as per the  
terms set out in the file "logo.pdf". However, unlike the Copyright  
notice above, you are not required to include the logo.

BTW I think above dates might be updated :-)

Le 20 déc. 07 à 15:24, Heather Nagey a écrit :

> Actually, its not a silly question. You will find a bug report in  
> the Quality Center, filed by me, under the heading "The EULA is  
> incredibly hard to find". Number 5251. You are supposed to save the  
> license the first time you install Revolution, and then remember  
> where you put it and what you called it six months later when you  
> actually want to read it...
> All is not lost. You can read it online, here:
> Regards,
> Heather
> On 20 Dec 2007, at 13:28, Ian Wood wrote:
>> It sounds like a silly question... but how do I read the license  
>> without re-installing Rev? (This is Studio on OS X)
>> As I'm starting to do more commercial apps I wanted to check that  
>> I was complying with Rev's requirements regarding logos etc.
>> We're no longer required to include the Rev logo in our 'about'  
>> windows, but in the logo PDF the following appears:
>> "You must include the copyright notice, as specified in
>> the Runtime Revolution license agreement, where other
>> such notices appear."
>> So, were do I find the license, given that it's not in the Rev  
>> Studio folder, and not in the Rev .app package?
>> Ian
> Heather Nagey
> Customer Services Manager
> Runtime Revolution Ltd

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