How to read the Rev license?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Thu Dec 20 09:16:37 EST 2007

Oh yes: you are right and I'm sorry:
I just searched in every Rev app folder and it was outside at the  
root of my Rev Enterprise folder.
So, you are right: this needs explanations from Runrev :-)

Le 20 déc. 07 à 15:10, Ian Wood a écrit :

> On 20 Dec 2007, at 13:51, Eric Chatonet wrote:
>> AFAIK the "Made With Logos" folder where you found the logo.pdf  
>> file is not included in Rev releases since the first 2.7.
>> Last one where you can find it is 2.6.1 (October 2005).
> Not the case here. At some stage I did a clean install of 2.8 and  
> that's where I found the folder.
>> At the moment, there is nothing in the docs or elsewhere about  
>> such requirements since February 2006.
>> BTW nothing prevents you to put the Rev logo somewhere :-)
>> And I assume, if I'm wrong, somebody from Runrev will chime :-)
> Hopefully. ;-)
> Ian

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