My Enterprise has been sold.

Andres Martinez andres at
Tue Dec 18 09:19:38 EST 2007

Hello Wolfgang

A few weeks ago I posted a manual process I used to export a SWF from  
within my applications.

If you are interested write me offlist and I will forward it again to  

Andres Martinez

On Dec 18, 2007, at 5:55 AM, Wolfgang Bereuter wrote:

> On 17.12.2007, at 18:59, Lynn Fredricks wrote:
>>> I hope in the year(s) ahead Rev can finally rethink cost of
>>> renewal for Studio so I wont have to be priced out of
>>> ownership like I had been with Enterprise. Just a plea.
>> Figure out a way to offset the cost by doing a small project for  
>> someone.
>> Now and then I know Id love to have a project that could do X, and  
>> sometimes
>> it just doesn't get done because our engineering resources are  
>> strapped or
>> it isnt central to our overall development. Now if you consider  
>> your time
>> worth hundreds of dollars an hour, then the cost of upgrading  
>> Studio or
>> Enterprise is a small proportion of that and you shouldn't have  
>> much to
>> complain about. But if you arent at that point, then maybe getting  
>> someone
>> else to pay your upgrade costs is a possibility.
> Lynn,
> FOA: make Studio exporting simply(!!) to the two Flash formats. Then  
> you will have millions, which can do do some small projekt for  
> someone (or theirself). Then you(!) can rethink eaysily and relaxed  
> the cost/price of renewal for Studio. (I mentioned the lack of swf  
> export since years.)
> (Sorry if im not up to date, i m reading the rev list rarely now.)
> regards
> wolfgang bereuter
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