My Enterprise has been sold.

Wolfgang Bereuter wmb at
Tue Dec 18 05:55:05 EST 2007

On 17.12.2007, at 18:59, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> I hope in the year(s) ahead Rev can finally rethink cost of
>> renewal for Studio so I wont have to be priced out of
>> ownership like I had been with Enterprise. Just a plea.
> Figure out a way to offset the cost by doing a small project for  
> someone.
> Now and then I know Id love to have a project that could do X, and  
> sometimes
> it just doesn't get done because our engineering resources are  
> strapped or
> it isnt central to our overall development. Now if you consider  
> your time
> worth hundreds of dollars an hour, then the cost of upgrading  
> Studio or
> Enterprise is a small proportion of that and you shouldn't have  
> much to
> complain about. But if you arent at that point, then maybe getting  
> someone
> else to pay your upgrade costs is a possibility.

FOA: make Studio exporting simply(!!) to the two Flash formats. Then  
you will have millions, which can do do some small projekt for  
someone (or theirself). Then you(!) can rethink eaysily and relaxed  
the cost/price of renewal for Studio. (I mentioned the lack of swf  
export since years.)

(Sorry if im not up to date, i m reading the rev list rarely now.)

wolfgang bereuter

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