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In supercard, if you set the "picturedata" of a polygon to an image's path on disc, that image assumes the dimentions of the rectangle that defines the smallest rectangle within which the polygon would fit.  Reshape the polygon and the image rectangle stretches likewise to fit the new outer bounds of the new shaped polygon.  So, the image is warped in height and width to fit the polygon, which isnt as good as warping to fit the non-linear angular distotion of it's bounds as might be achieved with the use of a quad, but in light of performance it is in fact fast to fake this same overall effect through a grid of interleaved triangles (so long as your grid is sufficiently fine).  I found that the eye is pretty forgiving with image montage of fairly low fedelity.

Will someone do a quick trial with this pattern property and apply an image to the content of a polygon to see if there is in fact no easy way to make sure that the applied image always stretches in x and y to fit the exact outer width and height of the polygon holding it?

Thanks,  randall

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On Sun, 16 Dec 2007 14:08:41 -0800, Randall Lee Reetz wrote:

> Well, yes you are correct... Tht would be ideal (as a mode)... But so 
> long as the crop is to the outer (and not the inner) rectangle bounds 
> of the polygon, then you can still get a good effect.  The more 
> triangles the better.. Remember that calculus is an average too!

Well, the docs say "The backgroundPattern of a graphic is displayed 
inside the graphic's border if the graphic's fill property is true." I 
don't know how that relates to your comment about the outer/inner 
bounds of the polygon, but if I am interpreting things correctly, it 
looks like it's dealing with the inner bound. There are workarounds as 
well that can aid in the distorting too, and keep in mind that (AFAIK) 
Rev displays the image through the polygon as if the polygon were 
situated in the upper-left corner of the image. I don't know of a way 
to adjust any offsets of the image within the polygon (for example to 
look at the center of an image using this approach, although there are 
other ways to get that effect without using backgroundPatterns...

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