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Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at
Thu Dec 13 23:40:59 EST 2007

A friend of mine cooked up a fix.  He created an automator action that
will change all the files from png to jpg by making a new jpg image
and pasting the png into it.  Apparently, when simply saving the png
to a jpg (from Preview) it does not solve the problem.  This is
definitely a Revolution problem, because the images display just fine
in every other program, but I don't even know how to submit a bug like
this when I am not sure what causes it or exactly why the fix works.
Can anyone give me a hint on this?


On Dec 13, 12:07 pm, "J. Landman Gay" <jac... at>
> BridgerMaxwell wrote:
> > Hey,
> >   I am experiencing an odd problem with the way some images in my stack
> > created on Leopard show up on Tiger.  Their colors get off.  Some grey
> > images end up with a very distinctive blue tint.  I can't quite pinpoint the
> > cause though.  The problem does not happen to all images, but I can't figure
> > out a pattern.  It can be an image referenced by filename, or imported into
> > the stack.  I thought maybe it is only the images I created in Photoshop
> > CS3, but others display just fine.
> I wonder if this is due to the png file format, which stores gamma
> information and displays differently on various machines. Does it only
> happen with pngs? Does it happen if you save the images as jpg instead?
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