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Chipp Walters wrote:
> Good one Sarah, now how to create an
> isBundle() function without the answer file command?

Are you trying to identify any kind of bundle or just a specific type?

You can read the first four characters of the /Contents/Pkginfo file to 
get the specific type; apps are APPL, bundles are BNDL, etc. Just the 
existence of a /Contents/Pkginfo file itself is fairly persuasive for 
identifying a generic bundle or package, and if the contents of the file 
are exactly 8 characters you can be pretty sure you've got yourself a 

Off the top of my head, for generic bundles:

function isBundle pPath
   put "/Contents/PkgInfo" after pPath
   return len(url ("file:"&pPath)) = 8
end isBundle

Or for specific ones, like .band files:

function isBundle pPath
   put "/Contents/PkgInfo" after pPath
   return char 1 to 4 of url ("file:"&pPath) = "BNDL"
end isBundle

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