https Help Needed

Andre Garzia andre at
Fri Aug 31 13:08:52 EDT 2007

Hey Scott,

what about the following workflow, using that curl try:

if the url is HTTPS try:

 curl -v -k -X HEAD <your URL>

this will just send back the header portion of a call to that url. This is
good because you have the Content-Lenght and then you can later call:

 curl -v -k <your URL>

and monitor the file size as it grows to match Content-Lenght. It's not the
best way to monitor a file transfer but you could use a mix of that and a
send in time to check for timeouts if the file does not grow as often as it

if the url is FTPS use:

curl -v -k -X SIZE <your FTP URL>

Not all servers support the SIZE call. You mileage may vary. I think your
best option is using HTTPS and and HEAD request to learn the file size prior
to downloading it.

Does this helps you?


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