snapshot of qt movie will always show the first frame!?

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Aug 30 08:16:53 EDT 2007

Hi Bernd,

> Hi Klaus,
> If I put the snapshot script into a second independent stack then  
> the movie
> continues without going to the first frame afterwards even if I use a
> filename dialog (ask file).
> The script of the second stack, just a button:
> on mouseUp
>   put the rect of player "p1" of stack "Tracker" into theRect
>   put the title of stack "Tracker" & "test" into dateiVorschlag
>   put specialfolderpath ("desktop")into OrdnerFuerImage
>   put OrdnerFuerImage & "/" & dateiVorschlag & " JPEG.jpg" into  
> thePath
>   ask file "Dateinamen für Graphik-Export aussuchen aussuchen" with  
> thePath

doppelt gemoppelt... ;-)

>   if it is empty then exit mouseUp
>   put it into thePath
>   put the rect of player "p1" of stack "Tracker" into theRect
>   put the WindowId of stack "Tracker" into dieWindowID
>   push card
>   go stack "Tracker"
>   set the filetype to ""
>   export snapshot from rect theRect of window dieWindowID to file  
> thePath as
>   pop card
> end mouseUp
> may be you try this and see what happens
> hth
> regards
> Bernd

Thanks, I already have a workaround in using Trevor's WONDERFUL  
Enhanced QT External
to extract a frame from a video directly.

Strange enough, I have another stack, where this (export snapshot...)  
works without problems
with movie frames?

Best and liebe Grüße :-)

Klaus Major
klaus at

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