snapshot of qt movie will always show the first frame!?

BNig niggemann at
Thu Aug 30 08:02:39 EDT 2007

Hi Klaus,

If I put the snapshot script into a second independent stack then the movie
continues without going to the first frame afterwards even if I use a
filename dialog (ask file).
The script of the second stack, just a button:

on mouseUp
  put the rect of player "p1" of stack "Tracker" into theRect
  put the title of stack "Tracker" & "test" into dateiVorschlag
  put specialfolderpath ("desktop")into OrdnerFuerImage
  put OrdnerFuerImage & "/" & dateiVorschlag & " JPEG.jpg" into thePath
  ask file "Dateinamen für Graphik-Export aussuchen aussuchen" with thePath
  if it is empty then exit mouseUp
  put it into thePath
  put the rect of player "p1" of stack "Tracker" into theRect
  put the WindowId of stack "Tracker" into dieWindowID
  push card
  go stack "Tracker"
  set the filetype to ""
  export snapshot from rect theRect of window dieWindowID to file thePath as
  pop card
end mouseUp

may be you try this and see what happens




Klaus Major wrote:
> Hi Bernd,
>> Hi Klaus,
>> the export of a snapshot to a jpeg file works for me in Rev 2.8.1.  
>> on OS X
>> I have the alwaysbuffer on, the movie is _not_ running, and the export
>> works.
>> Funny though, if the movie is running and I try a snapshot plus a  
>> filename
>> dialog, the snapshot works with the actual frame, the movie stops  
>> during the
>> dialog, then the movie starts anew from frame 1.
>> If I just save the snapshot without filename dialog the snapshot is  
>> allright
>> (with or without alwaybuffer) and the movie keeps on running.
>> So basically the snapshot works for me, at least for the jpeg  
>> export (I
>> didnt test every variant)
>> regards
>> Bernd
> thanks for testing, its getting stranger and stranger... :-)
> Regards
> Klaus Major
> klaus at
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