Can't delete virus file with Revolution

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Tue Aug 28 14:53:25 EDT 2007

The following link contains information about manually removing the virus.

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Subject: Can't delete virus file with Revolution (28-Aug-2007 18:06)
From:    Wilhelm Sanke <sanke at>
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> The virus scanner "Spyware Sweeper" found a "NMap Win 1.2.12" virus on 
> one of my computers at
> "C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{CC550492-0747-48E4-A37C-5A2A0C815489}\NewShortcut1.
> exe",
> but fails to quarantine or delete it, i.e. it performs the operations of 
> quarantining and deleting on that file, but next time when you do a 
> virus sweep the file is there again. This could be probably a deficiency 
> of "Spyware Sweeper", because I got other problems with that program, too.
> Another virus scanner, "Spy Sweeper" by Webroot, however does not flag 
> this file as a virus.
> "C:\WINDOWS\Installer" is a "hidden folder" that is not displayed when I 
> try to access it with Windows, but I can access it using Revolution and 
> also list the subfolders - among them 
> "{CC550492-0747-48E4-A37C-5A2A0C815489}", which contains the 
> "NewShortcut1.exe" file.
> There are more "NewShortcut" files in the subdirectory with different 
> numbers including a RTF file, which however produces garbage when I try 
> to put it into a field using
> "put URL  
> "file:C:/WINDOWS/Installer/{CC550492-0747-48E4-A37C-5A2A0C815489}/
> NewShortcut26.rtf" 
> into fld 1"
> or
> "set the rtftext of fld 1 to URL  
> "file:C:/WINDOWS/Installer/{CC550492-0747-48E4-A37C-5A2A0C815489}/
> NewShortcut26.rtf".
> Replacing "file" with "binfile" does not help either, there is only 
> garbage in the field.
> Now, trying to delete the virus file using
> "delete URL  
> "file:C:/WINDOWS/Installer/{CC550492-0747-48E4-A37C-5A2A0C815489}/
> NewShortcut1.exe"
> produces an error message "can' delete that file" - probably because the 
> file's cantdelete property or the equivalent for Windows is apparently 
> set to true.
> How could I change this cantdelete property of the virus in Revolution 
> to be able to finally delete it?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke
> <>
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