SQLite questions

Christian Langers christian.langers at education.lu
Mon Aug 27 12:27:20 EDT 2007

Hi !

I have a few questions concerning SQLite...

1. Will the external be constantly updated (e.g. the current version  
in REV is 3.3.15 whereas the official version of sqlite is 3.4.2 -->  
I use the VACUUM command and there is a known bug with it which was  
introduced in version 3.3.14 ; on the official website it is stated  
that upgrading is recommended to all users...) or have we to wait  
every new Revolution release and hope that the external is updated ?

2. I want to offer my users the possibility to backup their sql data  
and database by exporting them in a SQL file format and in a CSV file...
     Has anyone any idea how to dump the tables&data/database ?

Well, that's all ;-)

Thanks for any suggestion...


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