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BILL HUMPHREY shoreagent at
Wed Aug 22 16:42:35 EDT 2007

Does anyone know how to post to a google calendar using RunRev on Mac OS X
instead of Win XP?


Thanks a lot, Mark! Using curl does the trick. However, I would
appreciate if this worked without an external shell command.

BTW, I have Rev 2.8.0 studio and the docs lack a hint to the missing
HTTPS implementation as far as I can see. If anyone knows
an easy way to do this with sockets (and maybe openSSL?), please let me

Now, here is the working code (Win XP) to add an event to your
(You'll need

    * A form, a button, 3 fields named "Output", "HEADER", "newentry"
in Revolution.
    * Install curl, try the "7.16.0
WIN32" version, if necessary edit curlPATH.
    * Paste an XML-formatted event into field "newevent" according to
the format specified at: . Try this Exampel

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