AW: which field property to set for 'scrolling'?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Mon Aug 20 09:27:46 EDT 2007

Hello Eric,
I am quite not sure if I expressed myself correct and what your handler
should do. I put the handlers into my card, with no result. But In your
if-else condition there is twice "pass keyDown" - should that be?

My single line field is a input field for a full path, which naturally can
be pretty long - longer as the field is. What I would like to have is, that
the text string in my field moves to the right, when I push the arrow key to
the left (and vice versa) to see the complete string.

Sorry for my cumbersomely explanation :)

> Hi Tiemo,
> You should be able to put these handlers in the card (stack) script:
> on keyDown
>    if the selectedField <> empty then
>      if  AllowInput() then pass keyDown --
>    else pass keyDown
> end keyDown
> -----------------------------------------------
> function AllowInput
>    return the formattedWidth of the target < the width of the target
> end AllowInput
> Keydown handler (when a key id pressed) will check, when it's a non
> locked field and using the AllowInput function, the width of the
> current string related to the physical width of the field. In other
> cases, keydown will be passed.

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