URLstatus for Players set to remote URLs

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Thu Aug 16 17:01:06 EDT 2007

Hi Swami,

> I know most everyone is forcing users to download entire movies
> before starting players set to http refs... but I would like things  
> to be
>  a bit more dynamic.
> Can players be hooked to libURL such that
> set the filename of player "remoteMovie" to
> "http://www.domain.org/movies/greatestShowOnEarth.mov"
> would "emulate" a load cmd so that we have access to the URLstatus for
> that player's download?
> ...

all this can be done with Trevor's EXCELLENT Enhanced QT External :-)

 From the docs:

function qtGetMovieLoadState ()
QT Version: 4.1
Returns the download state of the movie controller.
This function lets your code perform relative comparisons against  
movie loading milestones
to determine if certain operations make sense. Don't call more often  
then every quarter of a second.
Its return values are ordered so that they conform to this rule:
< kMovieLoadStateLoading
< kMovieLoadStatePlayable
< kMovieLoadStateComplete
MovieControllerID: movieControllerID.
Integer value:
kMovieLoadStateError -1
kMovieLoadStateLoading 1000
kMovieLoadStatePlayable 10000
kMovieLoadStatePlayThroughOK 20000
kMovieLoadStateComplete 100000

AND more :-)

Check the docs -> "General"


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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