Standalones as CGI

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Aug 15 15:09:01 EDT 2007

jbv wrote:

 > Nevertheless, I don't want to be the devil's
 > advocate, but I was wondering what practical
 > use we could find in generating images via cgi
 > standalones, like bar charts etc.
 > I mean, there are already several (fast) php
 > librairies capable of it, that can be hooked to any
 > Rev cgi script... And there are also some js
 > functions that allow generation of various
 > graphics on the client side browser...
 > Last but not least, as for image manipulation, we
 > all know the slowness of imagedata...

Upside of using Rev:  delivering server-side products without giving 
away the source.

Downside of using Rev:  It's so finicky about server configuration that 
it makes public sale of such a product prohibitive.

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