using mci send string for audio and video on windows

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Mon Aug 13 17:24:49 EDT 2007


Thanks this was my fear of using MCI controls. apple seems to do a  
good job of making sure it plays with most graphics and audio chip  
sets so that these drivers issues are not too much of a problem. Hate  
to get into having to do a lot of tech support with folks w/o  
quicktime on PCs. When we require QT and they have it successfully  
installed we have zero tech support (big thumbs up for Rev and QT!)  
In the education market you dont make the big bucks to support tech  
support like this, let alone the development time necessary for a  
split development process like this so it may not be in the cards to  
try this. May poke at it some to see how good/bad it works in general.

Thanks again for your experience with it!



On Aug 13, 2007, at 1:00 PM, use-revolution-request at  

> We have an application that started out using QuickTime and MCI (QT
> if available and it could open the file on Windows, MCI otherwise).
> This worked well until some students started showing up with some
> computers that would lock up when using MCI (any MCI, not just Rev).
> I think it was Dell widescreen laptops but I don't remember exactly.
> Unable to fix the issue with driver updates we ended up having to
> create an external that used DirectShow for playback of files that QT
> could not open on Windows.
> This all happened earlier this year and there may be some new video
> drivers that address the issue on those laptops and your target
> audience may not even use them. Just something to keep in mind and
> test for if you go the MCI route.

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