including images from standard library...

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sun Aug 12 18:14:12 EDT 2007

> I use Revolution 2.6.1 to build executables (for Windows, MacOSX and
> Linux) that use images from Revolution's own standard image library. In
> a script images are referred to using their numeric id. Everything works
> within the IDE, but these images do not appear in the compiled
> application. How can I enforce the images from the standard library be
> imported during compilation of a stack ? Or is manual placement of these
> standard images on a stack the only way to do this?

There used to be an option in the standalone builder to include these
standard images, but that disappeared a while ago. It always seemed a
bit extravagant to include every image when you on;y needed one or two
anyway. My preference is to place the images in my stack, give them a
high ID number so they cannot conflict with any standard icons, then
hide them. After that your buttons can use them as icons whenever

Some people like to make a 2 card stack with all the images on the 2nd
card, or to make a sub-stack that contains all their images. If you do
either of these, then you don't have to hide them. I guess it just
depends how many images you need to deal with.


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