How display the contents of text file

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Aug 9 10:14:23 EDT 2007

Hi Kavitha,

> Hi,
>     I am a newbie, can anyone please tell me how to display the  
> contents of file without any special characters. I tried and the  
> result has lots of special characters that are not in the file. I  
> am working on Mac, in windows it works fine.

welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of crossplatform software  
development :-D

As you already experienced, Windows uses a different text encoding  
than the mac does.
So if you want to display a text file created on windows, you have to  
convert it to mac encoding
using the "isotomac" function like this:
put url("file:the_windows_text_file.txt") into win_text
put isotomac(win_text) into mac_text
put mac_text into fld "Field for Mac display"

Or in a hard to read one-liner:
put isotomac(url("file:the_windows_text_file.txt")) into fld "Field  
for Mac display"

Hope that helps.

> Thank youKavitha

Regards from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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