cgi error - with stacks

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Thu Aug 9 08:37:15 EDT 2007

Make sure the first line of the cgi is
If your engine is named Linux
Then make that you have all cgi files you call with the right case, they are
case sensitive

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Have installed the Linux rev engine, permissions for files are all OK.
  cgi scripts such as, 'helloworld', and the like, work fine from  
text files. However I'm now trying to use stack scripts.
Have followed the 'addressSearch tutorial' but with no luck.

I receive the error;

'Premature end of script headers: /home/kipmm/public_html/cgi-bin/ 
/home/kipmm/public_html/cgi-bin/revolution: Script execution error at  
line 6, column 1'

(macIntel, safari latest, server Linux - Apache version 1.3.37  
(Unix), uploaded linux rev engine dated 5th Oct 2005)

thanks for any help, and thanks to Andre for HTTP.rev, can't wait to  
get on top of cgi's and get productive.



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