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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Aug 7 03:51:06 EDT 2007

Hi Scott,

When you double-click a stack, even if it has a different file  
extension, your standalone opens it just like Revolution opens a  
stack when you double-click a file with file extension "rev". As far  
as I know, you don't need to do this with a script.

According to the docs, you can delete a stack using any stack  
reference. This implies that the longfilepath of $1 would work, but  
why do you use longfilepath and not simply $1? Probable using the  
short name of the stack is more reliable. You may have found a  
Revolution bug.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 7-aug-2007, om 9:33 heeft Scott Morrow het volgende geschreven:

> When double clicking a document in WinXP my app launches and the  
> environment variables contain the correct path but, does the OS (or  
> rev) do anything else with the $1 path information?     
> revLoadedStacks(all)  list the document stack as loaded into memory  
> but I'm pretty sure that I didn't do it through scripting.  I was  
> under the impression I would have to open the files myself using  
> the paths in the environment variables.  I can't see any place that  
> I could be loading the stack in my script.  Could someone confirm  
> that this automatic loading is expected and that I shouldn't keep  
> looking for where I'm loading it in a script?
> Also
> Is there any reason why
> delete stack (the longFilePath of $1)
> would cause a problem ?  I seem to be exiting any script that tries  
> this in a standalone
>  Thanks!
> -Scott Morrow

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