Inserting images as BLOBs - any way to avoid using base64encode?

viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Tue Aug 7 03:10:06 EDT 2007

Hi Terry,

it is too easy to extract images from sqlite database unless they are 
encrypted somehow. So if you simply store them in the database as blobs, 
they wont be protected from stealing. Alternative way to go is to store 
images in an encrypted stack as custom properties (instead of using a 
folder) and store names of these properties in the database.


Terry Judd wrote:
> Thanks Andre - I've used that sort of approach in the past but the guys
> providing the content on this project are very protective of their stuff
> (images) and a 'real' database seems the best option.
> Regards,
> Terry...
>> Terry,
>> why not keeping the images as external files and putting a field in the
>> database with the file path? this would lead to databases with less chunk in
>> it since to use the images you'd have to output them to files anyway.
>> something like this:
>> Hard Drive                           Image ID Table
>>       My Database
>> myImage.jpg <---------> Record that match id to file <------------------>
>>  field image_id
>> This is a simple solution where you use a intermediary table to match id's
>> with files, this way if you change a file name or path, you just need to
>> update one table entry and not all your database entries that deal with that
>> file. This makes easy to "reconnect" lost media files if things move around
>> in the Hard Drive.
>> I would not put media files inside SQL Databases.
>> Best
>> Andre

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