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> 3. If you include one or more of the MySQL drivers in your non-GPL
> application (so that your application can run with MySQL), you need a
> commercial license for the driver(s) in question. The MySQL drivers
> currently include an ODBC driver, a JDBC driver and the C language
> library.
> Does this mean Runtime Revolution,  Inc., pays MySQL, since they
> include drivers?
> But it does seem Rick is correct, that distributing a standalone that
> includes drivers needs a license- or am I misreading it?

Yes, if you use EVEN mySQL client/driver then you already need pay them!!
Even if mySQL server itself is on host provider.

Actually should pay both: Revolution *and* you because your app also include

** Only important point -- this works it seems only for mySQL 5.0 and newer.

* This is why you can note that even host providers do not switch to 5.0

* This is why mySQL company about month ago have claim about stop of support
of 3.x and 4.x products, and even going to remove them from download site.

* also not bad to remember that few months ago Oracle have get ownership of
InnoDB and even BerklyDB.

* my prediction is - that Oracle will try make some deal with Postgre also
in future.

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