Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Sep 27 08:00:57 EDT 2006

Dan said:

>Keep in mind that MySQL is not free for commercial applications and that the
>licensing involved is at least confusing (at least it was to me and I have a
>law degree!).

I should follow up to say that, yes if you want to host your own 
MYSQL server there are fees involved, but on the other hand, you 
could get a hosting account for less than $10/month that will allow 
unlimited MySQL databases. Plus no hosting, backup and bandwidth 
hassles that you get with hosting your own. The ISP handles the 

  Dreamhost's MySQL servers are tied to client IPs, so you can fine 
tune the security. You also have the advantage of putting part or all 
of the database on a web browser. Many competitive ISPs can do this 

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