Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker - Part II

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Hi Luis,

> Any ideas what the storage capacity is for Valentina? I did a little
> research on FM Pro, apparently it can handle a few Terabytes (although I
> only managed to test it with a 3GB database, performance not being too bad).

Well, technically limits is Terrabytes. But of course we have not test it on
such db. We do not have so big HDD :-)

I remember was guys that have use Valentina with db in 4-6 Gb.

If you want get opinion of Valentina users about its performance check this
page please:

I am not joking when saying that Valentina beat fileMaker in 100-1000 times,
as well as 4D. More mature dbs as MS SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL we can beat
in 10-30-300 times.

All depend on db structure, amount of records, kind of query you try to do.

Not so far was Korea guys that use Valentina on few GB db, they are long
time Oracle developers. So they was impressed by join on 2 tables that
Oracle do 3 minutes, Valentina 3 seconds.

> I've been curious about Valentina, especially the fact that you can both
> embed and remote the database (same with FM but the licencing
> limitations then come in).


We have made a lots of efforts to support this.
Valentina 2 was re-written from scratch on this reason also.

> Valentina seems to be more open to external app access too.

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