Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker - Part II

Luis luis at
Wed Sep 27 04:23:21 EDT 2006


Any ideas what the storage capacity is for Valentina? I did a little 
research on FM Pro, apparently it can handle a few Terabytes (although I 
only managed to test it with a 3GB database, performance not being too bad).
I've been curious about Valentina, especially the fact that you can both 
embed and remote the database (same with FM but the licencing 
limitations then come in).
Valentina seems to be more open to external app access too.



Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:
> On 9/27/06 3:21 AM, "Luis" <luis at> wrote:
> Hi Javier, 
> Hi Luis,
>> Ooops! Forgot: FM Pro allows you to create standalone DB front-ends
>> for the clients to access the data, so if you want a 'rich' client
>> experience that could be the way to go (again, limited to 5
>> connections for an FM Pro 'server').
> Revolution + for example Valentina ADK or Valentina Server also can be used
> for development of standalone client/server of single user apps.
> If compare speed of Valentina vs FileMaker - Valentina is 100-1000 times
> faster.
> Now if you talk about client experience, then which customer will be more
> happy? A one which wait for a query result 30 seconds or another which get
> answer in 0.1 second ?

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