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Keep in mind that MySQL is not free for commercial applications and that the
licensing involved is at least confusing (at least it was to me and I have a
law degree!).

That said, the Rev solution can look any number of ways. Perhaps the most
common usage is to design a Revolution desktop application that accesses the
database on the server directly. There's no inherent need for a Rev stack on
the server (though you can go that route and use CGI if you like; I don't
recommend that because Rev CGIs are not multi-threaded and therefore not as
useful for apps that need to scale).

Another approach is to create the server-side app as a MySQL or PostgreSQL
(which IS free) database interfaced by PHP scripts running on the server,
then write your Rev client-side application to interact with the PHP rather
than with the SQL database directly. Many people who use this approach say
it's more stable and faster than direct interaciton with the database but
that situation may have improved enough recently not to be an issue.

In any case, speaking as a former FM developer and consultant, the *cost*
and *performance* of deploying a solution as a Rev app rather than a
FileMaker app will prove significant improvements. I wouldn't hesitate to
switch if I were you, particularly if the application is intended to be
around for some time and maintained.

On 9/26/06, Javier Miranda V. <jemirandav at> wrote:
> While not trying to initiate a "war" , I would like to know if the
> process of migrating from FileMaker to a Revolution/MySQL will
> compensate the effort. Here is situation:
> I'm in the final stages of building an Application for Document
> Management using FileMaker, it works fine, presenting a very polished
> interface and variety of options but ....
> The cost for the client would be to high considering the price of the
> solution itself plus a copy of Filemaker Server (7, 8 or 8.5) and a
> copy of FileMaker for every user in the LAN!
> I understand that the functionality of a server/client can be
> accomplished using the Revolution/MySQL pair Installing MySQL in the
> Server along with the Revolution Stack, then installing client Stack
> in the users machines. Is this true? Is this the real configuration
> of the a server/client solution? Are there any other considerations/
> software needed? I'm missing something? Or I'm totally wrong?
> Sorry for my ignorance, I'm sure you RevPeople will help.
> Saludos,
> Javier Miranda V.
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