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On 9/23/06 8:18 PM, "Ton Kuypers" <tkuypers at> wrote:

Hi Ton,

> The strange thing is, that when I update the jobs, the old ones are
> still there, even when the UserID is not correct anymore.
> Using the same query in CocoaMySQL gives the correct result.
> When I click on a Job, I can see the correct (new) userID is in the
> record, but the query still retrieves it.
> I even removed all extra stuff and just sent the query (giving the
> correct result in CocoaMySQL) using the revDataFromQuery command, but
> I keep on getting the same (incorrect) result :-(
> Anyone any suggestions?
> I'm running RR version 2.7.2 on OS X, using a mySQL 4.1 database with
> the MyISAM engine

Sounds strange.

* You sure that you have SINGLE database which you query from app and

* I could think that in APP you not finish transaction, but you use MyISAM.
So not a case.

* how exactly looks your INCORRECT result?

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