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Luis luis at
Fri Sep 22 04:44:58 EDT 2006

Cor! I appreciate the pointers there.
I had tried the column sorting but I prefer the Dictionary in Left and 
Right hand pane mode, more like a book. It's a shame that we can't add 
columns in this view.

Well, seeing as I'm aiming to maintain cross platform features I want to 
make sure all apps stay cross platform. There may be equivalences that 
are specific to each, but I'm still learning!

It look like the Scripters Scrapbook will soon be able to deal with this 
requirement, although as you've noted, the math and graphic funtions 
will not list with this method: Will they be in the next Scripters 
Scrapbook? I wonder...



Kay C Lan wrote:
> On 9/22/06, *Luis* <luis at <mailto:luis at>> 
> wrote:
>     Not sure of it now!... I'm still not up on XML.
> Here's something you might like to try before going down that path.
> First, I'm sure you are aware that you can sort the columns of the Rev 
> Doc - Dictionary. When you initially open the Dictionary it has all the 
> keywords listed alphabetically. If you click on "Type" it will sort them 
> all by Type - keeping the keywords in alphabetical order. Clicking on 
> 'Type' again will reverse the order. Unfortunately this doesn't work for 
> the "Platforms" column, I'm not sure what the problem is there, but one 
> thing that will be a problem if you go down this path is for some reason 
> there are occasional instances of commas appearing between the little 
> icons.
> What you may not know is that if you use Cntrl Click (on a Mac) on the 
> column headers you can add or delete columns - Synonyms is a handy one. 
> So you can go ahead and set up the columns that are of interest and then 
> sort them in the desired order.
> Type this into the message box:
> put field "data" of stack "revDocs"
> You will end up with the total contents in the order you wanted. 
> Unfortunately, if Platform is important to you, this column will be left 
> blank.
> To get around this, type this in the message box:
> put htmlText of field "data" of stack "revDocs"
> You will end up with the same data but with an abundant sprinkling of 
> html tags. On the Mac I'd suggest the free TextWrangler from BareBones 
> to clean this up. A quick find and replace:
> <img src="210063"> is the MacOS icon
> <img src="210062"> is the OSX icon
> <img src="210061"> is the Windows icon
> <img src="210060"> is the Linux icon
> I've just discovered that these number are also used, which I guess is 
> why the sorting by platform is incorrect, but once 'replaced' you should 
> be able to do your own platform sort once you also removed some of the 
> extraneous commas that appear in this column.
> <img src="204117"> is the MacOS icon
> <img src="204123"> is the OSX icon
> <img src="204121"> is the Windows icon
> <img src="204119"> is the Linux icon
>  From there is should be pretty simple to clean out the rest of the html 
> tags.
> With this approach you could create several documents, one all Keywords 
> in alphabetical order, one in Type order, one for buttons only, one for 
> fields only, etc etc; or one document with several chapters, the Keyword 
> chapter, the Type chapter etc etc. I'd save them as pdf to take 
> advantage of the search facility.
> Unfortunately I can't see how you'd get all the maths, text, graphic 
> related functions together, alas we lost that ability when we moved to 
> the 2.7.x doc format.

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