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Thu Sep 21 15:47:28 EDT 2006

Funny you should mention a 'tree view' of commands grouped by functionality  
and platform, Luis. The next version of the Scripter's Scrapbook has a tree 
view  index option for just that purpose (except you can also choose a tree by  
multiple combinations of language, platform and functionality for whatever  
hierarchical display takes your fancy).

It will also sport a  fully-featured API so you can 'script your own 
Scrapbook' as well as  cross-platform IAC (inter application communications) so you 
have remote  control over your Scrapbook when working in another program. Other 
'goodies'  include customisable language colorization definitions and xml data 
export  along with a customizable toolbar for your favorite shortcuts  and a 
full page display option.
So... New users have something to look forward to and existing users know  
that their requests have been addressed!
Home of the Scripter's  Scrapbook

Is there anywhere a hierarchical Transcript  reference? I was hoping to 
copy it out of the user guide, but there is no  reference there.
I suppose the Scripters Handbook is an option but I can't  afford that.

I have downloaded the revdocsPDF from the their site and had  a look at 
the Vocabulary Listing, but this is for Rev 2.12.

It's be  nice to have a tree/hierarchical reference with the commands 
grouped into  functionality and maybe colour coded to indicate platform  

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