Good ways to overcomplicate your code and slow down development

Shari shari at
Mon Sep 18 18:27:55 EDT 2006

>Often it's better to keep a product simple and pure. If more is 
>needed, it might be another product entirely with it's own source of 
>funding (sales). We try and hold the line on features and 
>preferences. When we make changes, we favor the type that simplify 
>the product.

Funny thing is... I was originally intending to do the features as a 
plugin and sell it.  I changed my mind just as I was finishing it. 
My primary competitors used to be other shareware programmers, but 
more recently casinos have jumped into the frey, with BIG budgets, 
and strong incentives.  While their games are not as feature rich as 
mine, they blow me out of the water with graphics and animations last 
I looked.  And their games are free, as an incentive to lure people 
into real betting.  Free is tough competition.

So to stay competitive, I decided to just add all the features and 
keep the price as it was.

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