Languages, but what the heck?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Mon Sep 18 05:57:29 EDT 2006

Only because you clearly have a computer worth saving;-)

1) Unfortunately it is true that the Message Box can behave differently than
the IDE, this is generally a good thing as 'normally' it means something
'extra' must be going on.

2) Have you installed any front scripts or libraries. Run the script in
debug mode with the 'Message Watcher' open. See if there are any 'extra'
messages listed which you weren't expecting, or possibly messages missing
that you were expecting to see. In your case. closeCard, openCard, focusOut,
focusIn might be indications that the references of 'me' and 'this' are no
longer valid.

If nothing obvious happens, try the same with the new stacks you created
that do work properly. Compare the order of sent messages to that in your
broken stack. Any extra, missing or variation of message indentation must be
a clue to the problem.

3) Check the Application Browser, are there the right number of buttons,
fields, cards, stacks etc. Have you accidentally created a single card
subStack identical to your many card main stack. What is the long name of
the button and cards, are they what you expected.

Without seeing the 'whole' I'd suspect 'me' and 'this'. What happens if you
replace these with full references?

Sorry I couldn't provide something more definitive.


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