Problems With Latest QT 7.1.3 and MC/Rev - Read Up!

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Sep 18 03:45:01 EDT 2006

On Sep 18, 2006, at 12:46 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

>> This checking the checkbox can be done in the standalone app: one can
>> change the preference with an external or AppleScript or maybe by
>> changing the preference file itself maybe, but the application would
>> still have to restart, disrupting the user experience.
> Really? Where is the preference file setting to change?

Well, I did qualify that with a "maybe" at each end.  Even for  
preferences that are in files, I use the API since some are cached.

I have seen examples of folks using AppleScript to click on  
checkboxes in System Preferences.  I have used an external to make  
System Preferences networking changes.


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