Problems With Latest QT 7.1.3 and MC/Rev - Read Up!

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Sep 18 01:20:37 EDT 2006

On Sep 17, 2006, at 10:10 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> 1) QT 7.1.3 ships with Flash playback capability as a *preference*,  
> and the
> preference is by default OFF. To turn it on, go to the QuickTime  
> control
> panel, click the Advanced tab, and turn on the checkbox "Enable  
> Flash". If
> you have any running apps that need to use Flash through QT, you'll  
> have to
> quit them and relaunch them.

This checking the checkbox can be done in the standalone app: one can  
change the preference with an external or AppleScript or maybe by  
changing the preference file itself maybe, but the application would  
still have to restart, disrupting the user experience.  Since the  
procedure has to disrupt things, a notification dialog can be shown.   
That is not so bad if that happens usually at most the first time.   
This could also be done in an installer, where notification is given.

I made an external to make some system preferences changes long ago,  
so I feel confident that that can be done.  I had to deal with  
authentication back then, so this shouldn't be as hard.

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