OT: (semi) Solving Issues On Windows

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Sep 15 18:55:55 EDT 2006

Dan Shafer was kind enough to take the time to fill me in on possible 
issues on Windows
machines. What nightmare!  He mentioned something called "Dr. Watson"

So I then went a-sleuthing for the aforesaid good Doctor on line
and was appalled to see all the possible things that could go wrong
that would have nothing to do with one's Revolution application.

Especially in the area of media delivery,
e.g. Microsoft itself has numerous citations on sound-card-drivers that
failed post XP  Service Pack 1 update etc. How one can possibly
write fool proof code in such a mine-field is mysterious.

Of course our app checks in advance for QT and net connection...
And I'm staying clear of H.264 for now...
(mpeg4 basic with fast start headers
runs fine on most PC's with no special codecs)

But the simple "act" of setting a Revolution player to stream
a remote URL "http://somedomain.com/someSoundOrMovie.mov.mp3/"
seems to be an "iffy" proposition. I don't see how you can
fix code that is only two lines:

set the filename of player "player1" to \
start player "player1"

It could easily trigger Anti-Windows Ire and "Get a Mac"
(where it always works)  ranting,
but I will restrain myself (smile)

I'm looking for some kind of standard "template" that I can put
on our FAQ's and also into emails to send to Windows users who
complain "Your application doesn't work...."

Are use of the free scans offered by RegCure and Pareto


a good way to go? In terms of a recommendation
to give to such users?

Any attempt at a "dialog" with such users by email or
phone in an attempt to help solve their problem is doomed
from the start and a huge waste of time. On the other hand
where the application works on 90% of the PC's but not
on 10% of them... for the latter, we want to offer positive
"customer service" oriented responses and possible avenues
for solutions without actually getting "down and dirty" with
support  (helping them fix their registry, remove spyware
upgrade drivers etc...) i.e. offer them some light at the end of the tunnel.

So, I'm looking for canned options that are not merely dismissive,
but which may actually help them.



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