Good ways to overcomplicate your code and slow down development

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Thursday, September 14, 2006, 1:07:20 PM, you wrote:

> 1. overhandlerize

Here's another point about "overhandlerizing"...

if you have a custom prop that you use often

 set the uConfigParameterFifteen of this stack to "yellow"

and you want to retrive that custom prop later on to use it and in one
of the twenty different places you retrieve it you type

 put the uConfigParmeterFifteen of this stack into the backColor of me

nothing is going to find that error for you other than staring at your
code trying to figure out what happened. On the other hand, if you
have a wrapper for that you can use

 put Config15() into the backColor of me

and if you've mistyped something you'll get an error that the function
can't be found.

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