sheet not blocking?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Mon Sep 11 20:11:25 EDT 2006

No, but I've had issues with other modal dialogs I've created in 
regard to mouseclicks somehow 'clicking through' to a field below.

Ken Ray has got me out of the box, making new interfaces. In this 
case I've been experimenting with using a group as a dialog, but of 
course the problem is that execution continues. I'd somehow have to 
figure a way to fake the modality (limiting the cursor?, wait with 

Groups are nice for dialogs as they come up quickly and stay 
positioned in their window and travel with it. It's not so much of a 
'big deal' compared with bringing up a new stackwindow. They are also 
a lot easier to debug.

So I haven't got it to a point where it could be an answer 
replacement, however it's perfect for, say, a prefs panel, or showing 
running data.

"drag the owner of me" in the "titlebar" makes it pretty easy.

The idea is not original, I got it from a Rev'r in Spain, who had a 
prefs panel like that.


>Normally all commands that bring up modal dialogs (modal, sheet, 
>ask, answer, etc.) suspect execution of the current script.
>I think I may have come across a case where using the sheet command 
>does not block the current script, instead continuing execution 
>after the sheet dialog is presented.
>Is this a known issue?  Any of you folks seen this?
>  Richard Gaskin

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