Font effect query: Mac and Windows differences

Martin Baxter mb.ur at
Mon Sep 11 07:14:11 EDT 2006

Luis wrote:
> Hiya,
> Newbie to the list and Revolution...
> I started out by playing around with font formatting, wanting to make a 
> mini text editor, but I've run into an odd problem. The following 
> Transcript works on the Mac version of the app, but on the Windows 
> version (compiled as a target) nothing happens:
> on mouseUp
>   set the textStyle of selectedText to bold
> end mouseUp
> So when I hilight the selected text on the Mac, it works, but in Windows 
> it doesn't (it will not even let me hilight in the Windows version!).

Hi Luis, welcome,

This is because on Macintosh, buttons don't get focus (by default), but 
on other platforms they do. So when you click the button on Windows it 
steals focus from the field and you lose the selection.

The easy way to stop it doing this is to set the traversalon property of 
the button to false. Then it won't steal the focus when clicked.

Martin Baxter

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