Font effect query: Mac and Windows differences

Luis luis at
Mon Sep 11 06:47:16 EDT 2006


Newbie to the list and Revolution...

I started out by playing around with font formatting, wanting to make a 
mini text editor, but I've run into an odd problem. The following 
Transcript works on the Mac version of the app, but on the Windows 
version (compiled as a target) nothing happens:

on mouseUp
   set the textStyle of selectedText to bold
end mouseUp

So when I hilight the selected text on the Mac, it works, but in Windows 
it doesn't (it will not even let me hilight in the Windows version!).

Do I have to wrestle with the autoHilite command so that both versions 
work? Is there a way/list where the defaults (which it looks like what 
this is) can be seen?



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