Gnome or KDE?

Rishi Viner rishi at
Mon Sep 11 03:59:27 EDT 2006

Hi Ken,

In the shell you can run:
"kde-config --version" 
and you would get an output like:
"Qt: 3.3.6
KDE: 3.5.2
kde-config: 1.0"

BUT, I don't know if you would still get this if KDE was installed but not 
running... (You can have GNOME and KDE on the one system, this is how I can 
run GNOME specific apps under KDE). 

Presumably there would be a similar shell command for GNOME 
(gnome-config --version). I don't think it really solves your problem though. 
You really need to check the system environment variables to see what window 
manager is running. Unfortunately I can't help you there...



On Monday 11 September 2006 05:02, Ken Ray wrote:
> Is there any simple way for a Rev stack to know whether the currently
> running version of Linux uses Gnome or KDE? And if so, what's the best way
> to determine what version of Gnome or KDE is in use?
> Thanks,
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software
> Web site:
> Email: kray at

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