How to Debug QT?

Sivakatirswami katir at
Sat Sep 2 16:26:41 EDT 2006

Help! I'm just entering the scary world of support for software one 
deploys. Fortunately traffic is very low
That's good. Unfortunately I don't know where to begin to solve some 
problems that are
experienced only on some machines. Every developers dilemma, no doubty

This lady tell me our app that has players in it that are set to
remote URL's are failing to draw controllers, and there is no sound from 
the movies.

Screen shots here:

the image poster on the "discourse" one is actually an image set to a remote
url.jpg (not  from the player, which is just an audio file)

If we put the players to SMIL files, it crashes Revolution on her box
and the Microsoft crash report says QT is causing the problem.

If I get her to run a gestalt, her OS and hardware profile
Windows XP, Service Pack 2, plenty of ram  etc.
all look exactly the same as some other windows users who tell me

"Oh everything works perfectly... never had a problem from the

OK, so, #1 I need some "mentoring"
What do you professionals do when this kind of thing comes to you.

#2, any clues on the QT problem and solutions?


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