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Fri Sep 1 04:44:03 EDT 2006


I sent you some  samples off list.

Here's one way to go.

First guideline: don't touch the  recordInput...

Let Rev and the OS figure it out. They seem to have no problem with that
but they do have  problems if you try to set it. Right, I know... "why 
is it
a settable option then if it's going to break your recording..."

Don't go there (smile). This is from the school of WHEW (WHatEverWorks)

Performs on both Mac and Windows. It's optimized  to 
produce  the  smallest file  possible that  is still decent  in terms of
quality.  I tried  dozens  of other options, and  like you, most
of them I  could never get  to work. The documentation is
rather a mine  field on this one... we need a chart or matrix
of all  possible config options  that fit together and work.

 This config does  work though
and it still works in 2.7.3. This implementation is for voice mail 
attachments  to emails  i.e. --  "ephemeral" -- thus the deletion of the 
recording in the fixed location--avoids a dialog box asking for a
file name and save location.

on mouseUp
  set the recordcompression to "raw "
  set the recordRate to  8
  set the recordSampleSize to 16
  set the recordformat to "wave"
  set the uCurrentFile of this stack to specialFolderPath("temporary") & 
"/" & fld "filename" & ".wav"
  if there is a file the uCurrentFile of this stack then delete file the 
uCurrentFile of this stack
  record sound file the uCurrentFile of this stack
end mouseUp

If others are interested I'll  post the stack to revOnline...  original 
concept ala
Andre Garzia alias "We can do it!"

Stephan Barncard "The  Sound Man" may have more to say, if you want 
better quality. He helped  me tweak this one.


rand valentine wrote:
>  Thanks to the people who have given me information about recording sound in
> Revolution on both mac and pc. The bottom line for me is that it doesn't
> seem remotely work _at all_. While I was able to get something to work on my
> g4 laptop initially (by using the imic input and playing with the system
> settings independently), now nothing works, all I get are super, super slow
> unrecognizable recordings, whether the recordinput is imic, emic or dflt. I
> wonder why this is, and why such an important function is in such bad shape.
> I'm using 2.7.2. For those of us who use runrev to produce language
> materials, this capacity to record in the program is quite important, since
> it provides a means for students to compare their pronunciations with those
> of native speakers (by just recording the student and then a&b-ing the
> student's sound and the native speaker's)
> rand valentine
> u of wisconsin-madison
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