Matchtext script results

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Thu Nov 30 19:45:27 EST 2006

>And that is what surprised me -- that no tinkering with arrays, or 
>matchtext, or anything else is faster than the most straightforward 
>Revolution syntax. I was thinking this would take a long time, but 
>in fact it is the fastest way to do it (that I've seen so far, 
>anyway.) We've mentioned this on the list before, but I guess I need 
>to be hit on the head with the facts occasionally, just to remind me 
>how good we've got it.
>Surprise. Rev wins out again.
>Jacqueline Landman Gay         |     jacque at
>HyperActive Software           |

I think that the time needed to prepare the text for searching should 
be included since it is a required step and for large files can use 
enough ticks to alter the results. Best would be to see both the 
total time and search-only time.


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