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Thu Nov 30 11:39:06 EST 2006

yeah, I didn't know this:

"The last sixteen bytes of every HyperCard 2.x 
stack are the Pascal string "Nu är det slut Š" 
(Now it is over Š in Swedish) though this is 
never seen by users. This was probably a 
reference to the 1970s Swedish children's TV show 
Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter ("Five ants 
are more than four elephants") where each episode 
ended with a pink animated cartoon elephant 
saying these words."

>Additionally there is a freeCard project for Java, which is also supposed to
>handle C and Python:
>XULcard is one more ongoing project...
>..well well well, if the stacks in Revolution were XML/css ;-)...
>Wikipedia page on Hypercard reveals very, very interesting things about its
>history mentioning Revolution too...
>Looks like it was a grandmom of everything (hypertext, web, etc...). Well, I
>did not know either that the game Myst was initially authored with hypercard
>Nu är det slut ...

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