too many fields, too many cards?

Mark Smith mark at
Wed Nov 29 21:35:58 EST 2006

On 30 Nov 2006, at 01:48, Timothy Miller wrote:

> I guess you're suggesting the stack could read from a custom  
> property or a text file to fill in the fields in just one card,  
> based on a unique identifier for each patient. That's not too much  
> different from a database inquiry, if I understand you. I guess I  
> could search faster that way, in theory, but otherwise, I don't see  
> the advantage.
> My question:
> Have I understood the general idea here? Am I overlooking anything  
> fundamental? Is it reasonable to leave well enough alone, as long  
> as I can find stuff in stacks this large, when I need to?

I think you've understood the suggestion perfectly.

My own approach would be to store the data for each patient in an  
customPropertySet, which is really an array (each one named the same  
as the patient, maybe, and each key of which I'd name the same as the  
field you're currently using), so to populate a single card stack:

on showPatient patientName
   put the customProperties[patientName] of me into tPatientArray
   repeat for each line K in the keys of tPatientArray
     put tPatientArray[K]  into fld K
   end repeat
end showPatient

and to store, after making changes

on storePatient patientName
   repeat for with n = 1 to the number of flds
      put fld n into patientArray[the short name of fld n]
   end repeat
   set the customProperties[patientName] of me to patientArray
end storePatient

Something like this, anyway.

But if it's working well for you as it is, then?



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