Matchtext for multiple words

John Craig jc at
Wed Nov 29 21:15:32 EST 2006

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> John Craig wrote:
>> And a script to create the regex from a word list.  My apologies if 
>> this stuff turns out useless - but you can get absorbed in this mince...
> I passed three random words to your script (list,house,dog) and got 
> this regex from it:

Here is the correct regex I get when I substitute your new words into 
the script (check that list is passed as "list|house|dog")

a few bits missing from the one below!
> (?is)\b(list|house|dog)\b\b(?!\1)(list|house|dog)\b\b(?!\1|\2)(list|house|dog)\b 
> My test then goes through a bunch of text files on disk and applies 
> the regex to the text of each file like this:
> put matchText(tText, tRegex) into tMatch
> I don't get any matches though, and my knowledge of regex is too 
> limited for me to know if I'm doing something wrong. Does this look 
> right to you? I think there should have been at least 2 matching files 
> (that's what some of the other scripts produced.)

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