Matchtext for multiple words

John Craig jc at
Wed Nov 29 19:13:53 EST 2006

I still think it's working ok - someone slap me if I'm wrong.
The (?!  is looking ahead and saying 'you can't begin with.

(?!\1) - you can't begin with the first match
(?!\1|\2) - you can't begin with the 1st or second match


J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Sorry if this comes through twice, I'm having trouble sending to the 
> list.
> I need a matchtext/regex that will tell me if all supplied words exist 
> in a block of text, regardless of their order, and ignoring carriage 
> returns.
> For example, see if all these words:  dog dinosaur cat
> exist in this text:
> "The purple dinosaur inadvertently stepped on the cat.<cr>
> The white dog howled."
> Should return true. Is there such a thing?

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