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Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
Wed Nov 29 13:13:23 EST 2006

Hi Bill, 
if the bug which I co-reported is fixed, who is responsible for marking it
as fixed - me or the Runtime Revolution team who fixed it or the first who
reported or anybody ? For example before the 2.7.5 dp-2 I reported a bug
#3992 related to behavior of tables in compiled apps, which was marked as a
duplicate for bug #3386. I checked it on 2.7.5 dp-2 and it seems fixed. At
least my old recipe does not work anymore :-). Now who can/should confirm
that the bug is fixed ? 
Best regards 
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From: Bill Marriott 
Date: 11/29/2006 6:48:56 PM 
To: use-revolution at lists.runrev.com 
Subject: Re: [X-POST] Share your recipes! 
Yeah yeah, first non-ASCII message I send in three years to the list an 
everyone's writing me about it :) The graphic smiley appeared because I 
simply copied and pasted my post from the forums. I didn't even notice it. 
I'll be doubly careful about it in the future. 
As for the list, I simply forwarded what I got from the development team in 
the category of "need help with recipes" and I'll need to look deeper into 
that. There will be several changes occurring in Bugzilla VERY SOON to 
enable more intelligent categorization of bugs... hopefully that will 
eliminate this problem. 
Truth be told, everyone should be going through BugZilla right now -- even 
before the changes are implemented -- and commenting on their bugs, adding 
info, etc. All the old stuff *will* carry over to the new system, so nothing

will be lost/wasted. I just know that there's several bugs out there that 
are a) not reported and b) not fully fleshed out. 
Best ways to help: 
1) Go through your own bugs, make sure they're categorized properly and have

sufficient recipes, test cases, screen shots, sample stacks, etc. Add 
comments and attachments if they are not. 
2) Use the voting system. Precious few bugs have been voted on. (There are a

lot of *enhancements* with votes, but those aren't really being considered 
for 2.7.5.) Don't worry about "using up" your votes right now... just make 
sure at least one vote is applied to each bug that is significant at all. 
The more people who vote on a bug, the earlier in-line it will be to be 
3) Scan through your old posts to the discussion list(s) and make sure that 
the problems you've chatted about and worked around are recorded. Marielle 
has graciously agreed to tackle this problem with a gee-whiz semantic 
analysis routine, but it's probably not likely that any one person would be 
able to catch the unreported bugs with 100% accuracy. 
I'm very confident now that Bugzilla is being used extensively and that 
effort put into your bugs will be noticed and acted upon. This isn't 
guaranteeing a fix for ever single bug... but I can say that each bug is 
being reviewed; the tagging is being double-checked, and a massive cleanup 
is otherwise underway. 
As for the beta... beta 2 is just around the corner. The target date is Dec 
7 and you will see an AMAZING difference... more than 100 bug fixes, PLUS 
the long-awaited Linux version! 
"Mark Schonewille" 
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> Bill, 
> Why is 
> 3890 - Missing handler in Dictionary - Throws up Script error 
> included in your list? 
> Best, 
> Mark 
> P.S. Your smiley made your message end up in my spam box. 
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> Op 28-nov-2006, om 21:38 heeft Bill Marriott het volgende geschreven: 
>> I'm reposting this to the list from the forums in the hopes of getting 
>> the 
>> widest possible group of people looking at how to coax these bugs out. 
>> Please help if you can! 
>> ------------ 
>> Calling all bug chefs! One of the toughest problems to fix is one you 
>> can't 
>> reproduce. There are several of these in the bug system. The developers 
>> have 
>> identified a list of bugs that need "recipes" -- in other words, the 
>> steps 
>> required to reproduce the problem. 
>> Those bugs include the following: 
>> 2868 - Saving with control-S has problems 
>> 3067 - Find and Replace too darned slow 
>> 3410 - revMail on MacOS X does not work correctly with non ASCII 
>> characters 
>> 3816 - openStack seems not to be sent to stacks on Mac OS 
>> 1377 - Printing Scripts in color causes overlapping text in the printout 
>> 3843 - openStack and openCard messages not being sent on stack launch 
>> 3845 - Dictionary Quick Search can't be canceled 
>> 3890 - Missing handler in Dictionary - Throws up Script error 
>> 3830 - "object does not have this property" in IDE when deselecting a 
>> multiple-image selection 
>> So here's an open invitation for you to read up on these bugs and try to 
>> devise a "test case" which can reliably (or at least more often than 
>> not) 
>> cause these errors to be generated. 
>> If/when you find a way to reproduce these issues, please log into 
>> Bugzilla 
>> and post a new comment to the bug and/or attach your sample file. 
>> Thanks! 
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