get the size of image returns 0

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On 11/29/06 9:25 AM, "Ken Ray" <kray at> wrote:

> On 11/29/06 6:21 AM, "Viktoras Didziulis" <viktoras at> wrote:
>> Image "myIm" is displayed on a card from a ppm file. Answer the size of
>> image "myIm" always returns zero (Windows XP, Rev Studio 2.6.1 -2.7.5)...
>> And when I alternatively try: answer the size of the imagedata of image
>> myIm" studio hangs and stops responding. Is it a known bug or whatever else
>> ? I am just trying to measure how much memory in bytes the loaded image
>> takes...
> I think it's because you're looking for the "length", not the "size" of the
> imageData. Try this:
>   put the length of (the imageData of img "myIm")

Oh, BTW, there's a wealth of 'imageData' information at the Tips area of my
site (if you haven't seen it already, pick "Graphics/Images" from the "Jump
to Section" dropdown menu at the top):

Here's a couple of specific tips you might be interested in:

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